GUERRERO Plating Technology


Plating Technology

At Guerrero Plating Technology (GPT), We strive in providing the best solution for the customer's engineered application, with optimum perforance of the product at the most conventional cost.

We pride ourselves in developing a long lasting relationship with each of our customers by providing an exceptional service, which includes going obove and beyond, to aid in the logistics of completing projects in a short amount of time.

Our projects include, close tolerance gold thickness deposit, enabling a precise precious metal cost calculation to maintain low prices. Call us to find out more, 1-888-939-5919.

Our Commitment

  • Evironment

    As a moderm plating facility, our environmental inprint is always a concern. We apply the latest technological techniques along with our environment friendly chemistry, resulting in reduction of solid waste.

  • Chemicals

    Our goal is to provide a high quality product. This requires employing the highest quality chemicals for our process line. We employ chemistry from Technic, Inc., a world leader in plating chemistry and equipment with the highest quality and reputation.

  • Quality

    With top notch software, along with proven procedurescomplying to ISO 9001:2008 , our quality is at the highest level. Every order is tracked, confirmed, and certified with high tech testing equipment, including X-Ray thickness testing technology.